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Design by Disney

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Yes, I’m one of those “Disneyland People.” I have certain rituals regarding going to Adventureland first, only going to Fantasyland over the Castle drawbridge, etc. And yes, I really do believe that Tinker Bell is actually flying. Starting when I was three my frequent visits have turned Disneyland into somewhat of a second home for me. I just returned from a trip there last week, and it got me thinking about how it has definitely played a large part in shaping who I am- I know I took notice of the design elements at an early age.

The Disney experience is about total immersion, and design plays a major role in that. Try explaining to someone who has never been that that even standing in line is a rich sensory experience without having them roll their eyes at you. Sights, sounds, and even temperature- all bases are covered. From the cast member uniforms, to the Matterhorn’s rickety clacking soundtrack at the beginning to the heat when Mr. Toad is hit by the train, you are fully in the moment.

Creative use of materials is a Disney hallmark. I was about twelve when I realized that the thatched roof at the Mad Hatter’s shop next to the Tea Cups was actually made of coated wire; it was a real revelation that nothing should stop you when looking for design solutions.

And look what they do with lighting! Take a cue from their designers and think about how your chosen colors are going to look in a variety of light. Think about using colored bulbs in spots to enhance whatever you are attempting to highlight. Have fun with it!

Finally, nowhere in the world will you see as much attention to detail. It is what drives my design practice.  Always keep it at the forefront when you are planning home improvement projects, and a lot of time and money can be saved.

Approaching design in this way can be a little daunting- and dangerous! I don’t want my clients to live in a theme park, but my approach to design is definitely Disney- go over the top, think as big as you can, be outrageous, have fun- then add the step that Disney designers can skip: subtraction.  Careful editing on your part will avoid an overly themed look; you are only trying to evoke a feeling, not move into the Country Bear Jamboree house.  Next time you visit someone who has a collection of 1,500 salt and pepper shakers prominently displayed on every surface, remember this.

Other big news this week- I was visiting Disney for the Shaklee Conference. They announced a new natural supplement that is FDA approved to declare that it lowers cholesterol naturally. If you or anyone you love is on harmful statins, please take a moment to check out the link. We want everyone to be around to enjoy Disney type magic for a long time!

A dream is a wish your heart makes- for more information on the new Shaklee Dream Plan, please visit the site mentioned above.

Walt Disney realized his vision by going after what he wanted completely and totally. Whether you’d like a beautiful living space, better health or a new career- go for it!! Love Your Lifestyle!!